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Media Room March 20, 2024

FARE Thanks Delaware House Committee for Passing Country’s First Early Introduction Bill

HB 274 Could Reverse the Rise of Food Allergies in Delaware
McLean, VA – March 20, 2024: Today, FARE applauded the effort of Delaware State House Rep. Kimberly Williams (D-19) for championing and yesterday’s historic vote by the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance & Commerce Committee for unanimously passing the country’s first early introduction bill.If passed into law, HB 274 would provide all Delaware parents, at no cost, including those on Medicaid with at least one peanut and one egg infant-safe food allergen supplement to feed their infants starting at four to six months of age to reverse the rise of these food allergies by preventing them from developing in the first place. While the CDC estimates that nearly 8% of all children have food allergies, the historic LEAP and EAT studies demonstrated the power of introducing known allergens—peanut and egg—to infants at a young age to prevent them from becoming allergic to these foods.FARE endorsed HB 274, and yesterday, both Dr. Kelly Cleary, FARE’s Director of Education & Support Programs; and Jason Linde, our Senior Vice President of Advocacy, and former Delaware resident, testified in Dover in support of the legislation.Said Linde, “On behalf of the more than 104,000 food allergy families in Delaware, FARE is grateful for Rep. Williams’ leadership and the historic vote yesterday by members of the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance & Commerce Committee in passing HB 274. We are going to do everything possible to ensure that this bill ends up on the Governor’s desk later this year and becomes signed into law.”If signed into law, HB 274 would go into effect on January 1, 2026.
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Rep. Kimberly Williams (second from right in front row), and food allergy advocates including FARE’s Dr. Kelly Cleary (middle row, towards left) and Jason Linde (first row, on the left) on the steps of Delaware’s Legislative Hall moments after a House Committee passed the nation’s first early introduction bill. The bill has a few more steps to go before it can become law. 

From left to right—Front Row: Jason Linde, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, FARE; Shirley Linde, food allergy mom, and Jason’s mom; Delaware House Representative Kimberly Williams (D-19) and sponsor, HB 274; Shankar Lakhani, MD, allergist with a focus on food allergy, and president of Food Allergy & Asthma Care in Dover, and representative of ACAAI. Middle Row: Kelly Cleary, MD, Senior Director of Education and Support Programs, FARE. Back Row: Meenal Lele, food allergy mom; Debra Miller, RDN, University of Delaware dining services; and University of Delaware students Syndey Milea, Sandra Nangelimail, and Riley Coates.

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FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) is the nation’s leading non-profit engaged in food allergy advocacy and the largest food allergy charity supporting research. FARE’s innovative education, advocacy and research initiatives transform the future of food allergy through new and improved treatments and prevention strategies, effective policies and legislation, and novel approaches to managing the disease. To learn more, visit:

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